Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Daylight Savings a liberal plot !! Here's proof !!

Connie M Meskimen, from Hot Springs, Arkansas, wrote a letter to her local newspaper complaining about the unusually hot weather in March, and, displaying an intellectual depth others can only envy, explained that the hot weather was due to the fact that Daylight Savings Time started nearly one month early this year, and the extra hour of daylight was causing the extreme warming.
Ms Meskimen went on to blame Congress for not considering the effects of the time change legislation, and suggested it was done as part of a liberal plot to make global warming seem real. Link here:

Ms Meskimen, in addition to her job as a bottle rocket launch pad, also teaches abstinence-only sex education down to the pre-school, chairs the Arkansas Intelligentsia For Bush, and gets yearly grants from the Exxon Corporation because they value her insights.

Just a caution to my faithful readers--If Ms Meskimens letter makes sense to you, DON'T EVER ADMIT IT.

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Anonymous said...

Oh My God, where did you come across this gem? That is hilarious. Perhaps Al Gore will put her in his next documentary and call upon her as an expert witness.