Sunday, January 28, 2007


I'll say it again-You are not a Christian. Did that upset you? Why? Did you say "But I go to church and believe in the bible and everything. How dare this guy say I'm not Christian"?
Well, don't judge me lest ye be judged, because I can prove what I said. Just climb into your bible, turn to Matthew, and read the Sermon on the Mount. It's all right there, in Christ's own words. His words, not mine.
Read what Christ Himself said about religious hypocrisy. Read what He said about public prayer.(Maybe that's why He said to pray only in private-that's in there, too). Read what He said about judging others and about charitable acts.Read what Christ said about accumulating wealth and serving two masters. Read it very carefully, then think about His lessons. Examine your own lives, your own prejudices, your own desires and deeds, and weigh them against Christ's own teaching.
Do you follow religious "leaders" who solicit money from you and not distribute all of it to those in need?
Do you go to church and worship in public to make yourself seem pious to others?
Do you follow those who preach hate and intolerance?
Do you follow those who countenance war and killing?
Do you look upon others without mercy, love , understanding, and tolerance?
And lastly, what master do you truly serve if you believe in an economic system, such as our own capitalism, which by it's very nature, requires an ever-increasing accumulation of wealth into the hands of a few? You do not serve God.
Go ahead then. Read the Sermon. It's really simple and plain-spoken. If , after all this, you find yourself saying "yes, but..." or "except for when He says...", then you had better remember just whose words you're disputing.
So here's what it all boils down to--If you think what Christ taught us here is just wrong, do everyone a big favor and stop calling yourself a Christian. Nobody needs you. If you admit that He is right, either get with His program or GO TO HELL.

Friday, January 26, 2007


Here is the full text of President Bush's next radio address to the nation:

My fellow Americans,
In my recent State of the Union address, I stressed the importance of reducing our nations dependence on oil , and the need to develop alternative sources of energy.However, it is not only important to develop these energy sources, but also to protect them from our enemies and ensure the future of our democracy.
A risk assessment prepared by The Family Research Council shows that the most vulnerable of these vital energy sources is the sun. It is clear to me that it is in our best interests as a free nation to act decisively and send a clear message to our enemies, them Islamo-Fascist Sunny Muslims, who would like nothing better than to plunge our great nation into darkness and destroy peace-loving people around the world before we can.
For that reason, I have decisively decided on a bold initiative, and am putting into action operation Secure Our Light, or operation S.O.L. for short.
NASA has been ordered to immediately re-direct their efforts on the manned Mars mission, so that within five years we can land on the sun and plant the U.S. flag. Further, I am releasing 500 billion dollars in loans from the Peoples Republic of China, so we won't have to raise taxes to pay for this program. This funding will be used for the initial planning necessary to determine the best way to build fourteen permanent bases on the sun.
With these bases in place, we will be able to defend our sun from any aggressor seeking to wrest it from our control. Several dozen patriotic government contractors have already expressed their willingness to help, and no-bid contracts will be awarded to them within a week.
I want to ease your fears about the possibility of a military draft being needed for staffing these bases. It will not be necessary. Personnel requirements can be readily met through a slight adjustment in my "guest worker" program.
I want to close by reminding all of you that this heroic undertaking is absolutely critical to our security, and it is of utmost importance that you throw your full support behind me now. Make no mistake, in this war to save our sun, you are either on the side of light, or on the side of darkness.
Thank you and God bless you all.


Two wrongs don't make a right, but two wrongs, the Executive and Legislative branches of our government, have taken them away.
Over the last six years, they have systematically undone the painstaking work of our nations founders, destroying the Constitution while our nation founders.
And still you sleep, blissfully floating in the "American Dream" fantasy.

Where have all our freedoms gone?
Mourn their passing
Where have all our freedoms gone?
Far, far away
Where have all our freedoms gone?
Greed has killed them, every one
When will we ever learn?
When will we ever learn?

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Progressive Ideal (short version)

This is how I see it. Feel free to agree or not.

A progressive is a person who above all recognizes and respects the commonality of mankind, and who believes that working together for mutual benefit is the only way that mankind can survive. From this basic tenet all else follows.

You can look at this as "selfless selfishness", because we understand that as individuals we each gain the most by helping others. We understand that we are, collectively, only as strong as the weakest among us and that by aiding the poor, sick and infirm, and otherwise disadvantaged, we gain advantage for ourselves.( Or, to paraphrase, "Mankind divided cannot stand").

We believe that this world view is utterly realistic, pragmatic and necessary, because personal greed, seeking gain at the expense of others, can only,in the end, destroy us all.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Odd Nuggets

QUESTION-- How many government Republicans does it take to screw in a light bulb?

QUICK ANSWER-- They can't. They can only screw it up.

THOUGHTFUL ANSWER-- Just two, assuming they can fit into it.

REAL ANSWER-- They don't have to. That's what billion dollar no-bid contracts are for.
If I ever meet George Bush, I'm going to say "Is that a booger on your lip, Mr President?"
(ten to one he wipes his mouth)
Just for fun I'll follow up with "Was it yours, sir?"
Not to be outdone by Senator Barack Obama's paean to hackneyed rhetoric, "The Audacity of Hope", Senator Hillary Clinton is rushing a book into print to be titled "The Audacity of the Wife of the Man From Hope, Arkansas".
I'm sure that it will inspire us all. Take that,Obama!
Ever notice Ann Coulter? She's one of the more imfamous treasonous filth-spewers popular in right-wing media. She's so far out she can't get back without a heat shield.
Anyway, I always thought it odd that she has what appears to be a prominent adams-apple, which is extremely rare in someone who purports to be female. Well, guess what. I now have in my possession, passed to me by a CIA source of undisputed mendacity(widely cited in the run-up to Iraq), uncorroborated information clearly alleging that Ms. Coulter's "adams-apple" is, in fact, a testicle. My source is unable to say if it is simply "undescended", or if it got there as the result of a tryst.
Stay tuned for updates on this important story.

The Political Spectrum- A Practical Guide to Understanding

Every so often, I read something from a Republican lamenting the tendency of detractors to paint Republicans with a broad brush,by portraying even the rank-and-file as crooks, haters and incompetents. These folks have a valid complaint which needs to be addressed. I am as guilty as anyone. I do it out of laziness, because I don't explain that there are real differences between Republican leaders and the rest, and I sincerely apologize. That said, I would also point out that EVERY party is guilty of the same laziness when criticizing some other party. I think it is because no one knows how to define our basic differences, or how various ideologies came to be placed on the broad political spectrum.

So, to help everyone, here is a simple, clear way that you can truly understand the makeup of the Republican Party and, at the same time, better understand the broader political field.

Go, in person or via computer, to a large sewage treatment facility. I will explain the process.

You will see a series of large tanks, each designed for different stages of treatment.
The largest of these is a sedimentation tank, where raw untreated wastewater enters. Envision this tank as the Republican Party. As the raw poisonous waste sits there fermenting, a toxic scum rises to the top. These are the Republicans skimmed off to go into politics or big business. The rest of the effluent, the larger chunks of ordinary crap, settle to the bottom to form the Republican base. This water will kill you in an instant, so tons of wedge issues are added to help solidify this base and remove it further from the maintream.

With the worst of the sludge removed, the partially improved water goes to the secondary treatment tank. This tank has smaller pieces of crap, representing the wing of the Democratic Party that has sold out to big corporate interests. This wing consists mostly of those allied with the Democratic Leadership Council. This slurry is also loaded with hypocrisy pathogens which kill you as surely as water from the first tank, only more slowly.

After secondary treatment, the water proceeds to the third tank of Libertarians and other misguided but well-meaning fringe parties. This water probably won't kill your plants, but is still impure enough to require oxygenation to remove the last traces of taint.

When that is done, the water is safe and healthful, and is released into the mainstream to nurture and protect life, cleanse mind and body, and provide lasting benefit to everyone. That final distillation is, of course, the progressive ideal.

Now that you understand all this, you would be well served to check out the water you're drinking, don't you think?

Monday, January 22, 2007

Suggest an anthem for SCROTUM

As you know, the tune "Hail to the Chief" is played to announce the entrance of the President at ceremonial functions. It is, in fact, the OFFICIAL anthem of the President of the United States (POTUS). As an aside, in the six years since Bush's coronation most people with a memory of decency have referred to the tune as "Hail to the Thief" or "Jail to the Chief".

This is all well and good, but it seems to me that the office of Vice President has been short-changed in the anthem department and am herewith starting a campaign to rectify this slight to the second highest office in the land. Let history record that the groundswell for real anthem reform started right here.

All important societal advances take a long time, so until the anthem suggestions are in and the final choice is codified into law, I offer these to serve until the 2008 election.
For those occasions when both George Bush(POTUS) and Dick Cheney(SCROTUM) (not an acronym, but it is what he is) appear together at a function, play "Pomp and Circumstance", which would become "Chimp and Monkey Dance".

For functions at which SCROTUM appears alone, I recommend:
5) theme from THE LYIN' KING
9) theme from UNFORGIVEN
10) TAPS - ( my favorite)

Please compile your own favorites an send them to
selections committee@whitehouse.ugh
The winner will be awarded a trip to a Syrian prison. Best of luck!

An open letter to Dennis Kucinich

Dear Representative Kucinich:
You, sir, are the most openly progressive and principled man in the House. You have never hesitated to introduce legislation on imporant issues, and have no hidden agenda. You are not, unlike some other candidates, a poseur giving lip service to lofty social goals while selling out to special interests. You fight constantly for every citizen in this country, and I would vote for you if you ran for the office of God.

You have two big problems to overcome, however. The first is lack of money. That problem would disappear if you can overcome the second problem, lack of charisma. You don't seem "presidential" enough to get sufficient votes from an electorate that responds to flash over substance.

I do have an idea that might help-- steal the charisma from Barack Obama. He's got plenty of flash, but not much substance. You can certainly help the country better than he can.
If that doesn't work, and you are determined to benefit the country, give him your principles and backbone, and help him get elected. At least we would still win.

We need you, Rep. Kucinich. We need your ideas. We need your vision. We need your help to correct the ills of our society. Forgive me for saying" STAY THE COURSE"

Thank you.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

An open letter to Barack Obama

Dear Senator Obama:
Your Presidential bid at this point in your career is evidence that your ego has overridden your common sense.

You have been relentlessly promoted by the "centrist"(read "right wing") press as a viable candidate because they work in concert with Republican strategists to frame the issues and frame the debate in such a way that Democrats are unable to advance a meaningful program and are compelled to operate within the framework the Republicans establish. In the same manner, the press also helps to choose Democratic candidates that the Republicans feel they have the best chance of defeating. You are one of those, Senator, and you aren't ready.

Here's the real problem. You have marvelous progressive ideas and a talent for oration that combines the best qualities of Martin Kuther King and John F. Kennedy. You are truly inspiring to listen to and have immense personal charm. In other words, you are fairly dripping with charisma, which at this point in the de-volution of political process, is a prime attribute in any candidate.

What you don't have, however, is a track record that demonstrates a willingness to convert your inspiring rhetoric into inspiring legislation. You seem overly cautious and reluctant to make a misstep that might possibly upset someone enough to jeopardize your political aspirations. That in itself is a misstep. You've got to understand that inaction is bad action, at a time when it is vital to show courage and leadership. You'll never please everyone no matter what you do, but you've got to please your base.

You could have the world by the balls, Senator Obama, but you have to demonstrate that you have a set of your own. The best way to accomplish that is to stay in the Senate long enough to build a track record that will prove you are as dedicated and principled as we hope you are. You have to show that you can"walk the walk", by advancing a legislative agenda focusing on serious progressive issues. You are a rising star,Senator, not a risen star.

My advice then, is to stay where you are and do it the right way. You should charge up the DeLorean and head "Barack to the Future" for another eight years.

Godspeed and good luck.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

An open letter to Hillary Clinton

Dear Senator Clinton:
Now that you have formally announced your intention to seek the 2008 Democratic Presidential nomination, I feel that it is important to share my views with you as they relate to your electability.
My view is that you will have a very difficult time winning election because you'll need to do it with no more than lukewarm support from the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. You will be seen as the lesser of two evils against any Republican candidate.
Why is this so?
It is because you are widely seen as a poll-driven opportunist who will adopt any position that you feel will best resonate with likely voters. You are seen as a D.C. politician who will say anything for a vote, but do anything for a campaign donation- inextricably entwined with corporate interests whose influence in government has effectively silenced the will of the electorate. You have closed the gender gap in a bad way, Senator Clinton, by becoming a power player in the "old boy network", with all the negative baggage that connotes.
Your actions belie your words, Senator Clinton. For example, your support for the illegal, immoral war in Iraq is horrifying to people of conscience, and will likely cost you millions of votes. It validates the perception that you feel 700,000 deaths is acceptable just so long as big-donor oil companies and other war profiteers can continue their trillion dollar raid on our Treasury.
I will accept, Senator Clinton, that deep in your heart that you truly believe in the importance of all the social programs you espouse. In all the years of your public life you have been a leader for womens rights, advocated for sweeping social reform, and gained admirers for your intellect and for your courage in the face of adversity.
However, since gaining public office, you have demonstrated a willingness to compromise with and to accomodate people and corporations whose interests are inimical to the common good, in order to position yourself as a Presidential candidate.
This is more than troubling. Don't you realize that you can't have it both ways?
Have you lost your ideals in your quest for high office, or is the quest for power your only goal?
You see, don't you, that despite what you say, we can no longer be sure where you stand, and that what we see is not inspiring.
Trust, once lost, can rarely be regained, and I fear that you are in trouble because of it.

Ethics Reforms

Keep getting the word out!!
This letter was to the Cincinnati Enquirer in response to an editorial ballyhooing the Senate ethics reform package as a much needed fix to keep legislators from feeding at the big-money trough.

The ethics reforms passed by the House and Senate look good but are only "window dressing" designed to give the appearance of real reform while leaving so many loopholes that they are meaningless. It's like scraping one cell from a malignant tumor and calling it a cure. The influence of special interests is as strong as ever.
True reform can't begin until public financing of elections is required. Only when our candidates are no longer dependent on special interest money to even campaign can we hope to have legislators who will act in the best of the nation as a whole.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Letters to the editors

Folks, when you have something to say-a point to make that you feel is important to share with a wider audience, write to the newspapers. Most of the time you'll be ignored, as I usually am, but it's important to keep plugging away, and maybe, just maybe, you'll connect with someone and actually sway an opinion. Blogging is cool- composing posts, if nothing else,often helps you put your own thoughts in order even if you just end up preaching to the choir. Always remember though , that if you want to promote change you have to reach other minds.
I'm going to post a couple of letters that I sent recently( one each to the Cincinnati Enquirer and Cincinnati Post), just because I think they make valid points and didn't get printed.
Both these letters concern the "troop surge".

1) George Bush is disconnected from reality, legality, and morality. That we were lied to repeatedly about why we had to invade Iraq is now plain to most people. He is determined to stay there, our troops killing and being killed, until the oil leases are locked in for his true bosses. But what price "victory".
Remember "Thou shalt not kill"? Without a MORAL justification for the Iraq occupation, every death there is nothing more than a murder for profit, and those who support Bush in this effort are just as guilty as he.
He must be stopped now. A "surge" of outrage, protest, and Congressional action is the only appropriate course.

2) In his televised address to the nation on January 10th, President Bush announced his plan to raise the price of oil by 21,500 troops.
Because Bush's "surge" has been rightfully met with such scorn and derision, the Republican PR flacks have coined a new term to make the scheme sound more palatable. Condoleeza Rice used this term several times while testifying before a Senate committee.
The new word is "augmentation", which sounds a lot more like a breast implant than a troop implant. I don't see where augmentation is needed any more than a surge-George Bush is already the biggest boob in U.S. history.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


In a major announcement, President George Bush has just been given a "lifetime achievement" award and has been named "Winner in Perpetuity" by the prestigious Liars Club.
That venerable institution then started the process of dissolving it's charter. The director of the Liars Club said "We have seen perfection. 'The Great Disassembler' will never be beaten, so, sadly, there is no point in going on".