Sunday, January 21, 2007

An open letter to Barack Obama

Dear Senator Obama:
Your Presidential bid at this point in your career is evidence that your ego has overridden your common sense.

You have been relentlessly promoted by the "centrist"(read "right wing") press as a viable candidate because they work in concert with Republican strategists to frame the issues and frame the debate in such a way that Democrats are unable to advance a meaningful program and are compelled to operate within the framework the Republicans establish. In the same manner, the press also helps to choose Democratic candidates that the Republicans feel they have the best chance of defeating. You are one of those, Senator, and you aren't ready.

Here's the real problem. You have marvelous progressive ideas and a talent for oration that combines the best qualities of Martin Kuther King and John F. Kennedy. You are truly inspiring to listen to and have immense personal charm. In other words, you are fairly dripping with charisma, which at this point in the de-volution of political process, is a prime attribute in any candidate.

What you don't have, however, is a track record that demonstrates a willingness to convert your inspiring rhetoric into inspiring legislation. You seem overly cautious and reluctant to make a misstep that might possibly upset someone enough to jeopardize your political aspirations. That in itself is a misstep. You've got to understand that inaction is bad action, at a time when it is vital to show courage and leadership. You'll never please everyone no matter what you do, but you've got to please your base.

You could have the world by the balls, Senator Obama, but you have to demonstrate that you have a set of your own. The best way to accomplish that is to stay in the Senate long enough to build a track record that will prove you are as dedicated and principled as we hope you are. You have to show that you can"walk the walk", by advancing a legislative agenda focusing on serious progressive issues. You are a rising star,Senator, not a risen star.

My advice then, is to stay where you are and do it the right way. You should charge up the DeLorean and head "Barack to the Future" for another eight years.

Godspeed and good luck.


Anonymous said...

Were you channeling Christopher Lloyd or Michael J. Fox with that "Back to the Future" reference at the end. Nice touch. So if you are saying NO to Clinton and Obama. . . then who? Do you think Denny is really ready for the big dance? Sis

JohnDWoodSr said...

Anonymsis-Dennis Kuchinich is the most most principled man in the House- He's got absolutely the best ideas, introduces legislation on important issues, and has no hidden agenda. I would support him for the office of GOD. But,without Obama's charisma he's just a schlub. People won't vote for him because he doesn't seem "Presidential", and that's a damn shame.

Anonymous said...

Probably the clearest, most succintly put rationale for why Obama needs to stay on the sidelines in 2008. Please, keep writing!