Thursday, January 18, 2007

Letters to the editors

Folks, when you have something to say-a point to make that you feel is important to share with a wider audience, write to the newspapers. Most of the time you'll be ignored, as I usually am, but it's important to keep plugging away, and maybe, just maybe, you'll connect with someone and actually sway an opinion. Blogging is cool- composing posts, if nothing else,often helps you put your own thoughts in order even if you just end up preaching to the choir. Always remember though , that if you want to promote change you have to reach other minds.
I'm going to post a couple of letters that I sent recently( one each to the Cincinnati Enquirer and Cincinnati Post), just because I think they make valid points and didn't get printed.
Both these letters concern the "troop surge".

1) George Bush is disconnected from reality, legality, and morality. That we were lied to repeatedly about why we had to invade Iraq is now plain to most people. He is determined to stay there, our troops killing and being killed, until the oil leases are locked in for his true bosses. But what price "victory".
Remember "Thou shalt not kill"? Without a MORAL justification for the Iraq occupation, every death there is nothing more than a murder for profit, and those who support Bush in this effort are just as guilty as he.
He must be stopped now. A "surge" of outrage, protest, and Congressional action is the only appropriate course.

2) In his televised address to the nation on January 10th, President Bush announced his plan to raise the price of oil by 21,500 troops.
Because Bush's "surge" has been rightfully met with such scorn and derision, the Republican PR flacks have coined a new term to make the scheme sound more palatable. Condoleeza Rice used this term several times while testifying before a Senate committee.
The new word is "augmentation", which sounds a lot more like a breast implant than a troop implant. I don't see where augmentation is needed any more than a surge-George Bush is already the biggest boob in U.S. history.

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