Sunday, January 28, 2007


I'll say it again-You are not a Christian. Did that upset you? Why? Did you say "But I go to church and believe in the bible and everything. How dare this guy say I'm not Christian"?
Well, don't judge me lest ye be judged, because I can prove what I said. Just climb into your bible, turn to Matthew, and read the Sermon on the Mount. It's all right there, in Christ's own words. His words, not mine.
Read what Christ Himself said about religious hypocrisy. Read what He said about public prayer.(Maybe that's why He said to pray only in private-that's in there, too). Read what He said about judging others and about charitable acts.Read what Christ said about accumulating wealth and serving two masters. Read it very carefully, then think about His lessons. Examine your own lives, your own prejudices, your own desires and deeds, and weigh them against Christ's own teaching.
Do you follow religious "leaders" who solicit money from you and not distribute all of it to those in need?
Do you go to church and worship in public to make yourself seem pious to others?
Do you follow those who preach hate and intolerance?
Do you follow those who countenance war and killing?
Do you look upon others without mercy, love , understanding, and tolerance?
And lastly, what master do you truly serve if you believe in an economic system, such as our own capitalism, which by it's very nature, requires an ever-increasing accumulation of wealth into the hands of a few? You do not serve God.
Go ahead then. Read the Sermon. It's really simple and plain-spoken. If , after all this, you find yourself saying "yes, but..." or "except for when He says...", then you had better remember just whose words you're disputing.
So here's what it all boils down to--If you think what Christ taught us here is just wrong, do everyone a big favor and stop calling yourself a Christian. Nobody needs you. If you admit that He is right, either get with His program or GO TO HELL.

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