Saturday, February 3, 2007


There has been a rapid increase in the numbers of radical Christians throughout the armed services, many of whom are rising rapidly through the ranks to fill important staff positions. Also, nearly 50% of the chaplaincy positions in the services and service academies are now held by radical Christians.
Here is a link to a comprehensive article on this subject authored by Chris Hedges and posted on Alternet
These people have sworn an oath to defend the Constitution, but are working to politicize the armed services of the very country they have sworn to protect. Many openly admit that their first duty is to God (or their version), and then to the United States.
I see this as a very real and very dangerous infiltration of our armed services by a "fifth column" of religious zealots, undertaken with the ultimate goal of a military coup to overthrow our democratic republic and install a "Christian" theocracy.
If this should happen, life as enjoyed under extremist Muslims regimes like the Taliban will come to be envied.
Thanks to Bush's war, manpower requirements in the services are so tight that these fanatics are free to sign up in large numbers and to advance rapidly. We MUST stop our murderous aggression NOW, to relieve the pressure on our armed service manpower needs, and pray that there remain enough true patriots in high command positions to begin a purge of these traitorous elements.
Our country can only be destroyed from within, and we must stop this group of traitors from realizing their aims.

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Rev. Don Spitz said...

You are certainly an anti-Christian bigot. Christians, contrary to what you believe, have a right to have their voice heard as well.