Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Is John Edwards "da man"?

I've got a problem here. I like John Edwards more and more, but I can't get comfortable with the idea of trusting him with my full support. I really want to, but I've been had before- for years I thought Hillary was great-until she hit the Senate.

Edwards , so far, seems like a populists dream. The man seems to genuinely care about us, the OTHER 99%. He has proposed a health care plan that has a lot of good aspects, etc. etc. I just read a long article on him by Ezra Klein in this months issue of The American Prospect, and learned some things, important to me at least, that make me lean his way even more--He is not, nor ever has been, a person who idolizes big business. I was reminded that, on the contrary, he made his bones as a trial lawyer fighting those soulless creeps in court, seeking redress for common people who had been badly wronged by the big corporate types. Even better, He has NEVER joined the Democratic Leadership Council, which is nothing more than the Democratic wing of the Republican party.Even better, he DOES NOT accept money fron PACs or lobbyists. Are these good portents, or what?

He is articulate, connects with his message, has legislative experience, isn't owned (apparently), preaches a populist message, and has apologized repeatedly for his Iraq war vote in 2002. So what's my problem? He sounds too good to be true. He is so damned smooth I can't help but wonder how much is politics and how much is real.

My first choice, Kucinich, has no money. Obama isn't half black-he's all green. Vilsack is about money. Clinton whores for special interests, despite what she says. Biden , though smart as hell, has no clue that the United States exists outside of D.C.. Al Gore isn't running yet, and may not choose to.

So that leaves John Edwards.Is he the man to beat back corporate influence, repair our relationships with the rest of the world, and champion real social reforms here at home? Can he blunt the influence of the radical "Christians"? Or, am I getting set up for a fall again, because I'm so desperate for someone, anyone, to be the answer to my prayers?

I'm probably going to back him, but I need input, PRO or CON, before I leap.

Please tell me what YOU think.


Anonymous said...

I still have time to decide, I really don't know if he is any different from the others in his beliefs. I certainly don't like the others. So far, he is probably the best choice.

Anonymous said...

I like him. Sis