Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Paper ballots or Votes Ready to Eat? If you had this stupid idea about restoring integrity , accuracy, and confidence in our system of vote counting, what would you pick? The whole ongoing debate about the best way to fix the system is just ludicrous. Are the legislators involved with this issue stupid or venal?

Paper has worked and will always work. Any electronic vote counting system can be, has been, and will be compromised. So why don't they just do the obvious thing and mandate paper ballots, at least for all Federal elections? If potential voters were sure that their votes would be counted accurately, maybe more of them would vote, and maybe our democracy would be strenghtened. Wow, what a concept!

If going back to paper costs more, then too damn bad. No price is too high to pay if it means protecting our ability to participate in OUR government.

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