Thursday, February 22, 2007


Using actual figures from President Bushit's 2007 proposed budget, supplied by a staffer in the office of Senator Bernie Sanders(I-VT), Matt Taibbi has written a great article showing how many of the tax cuts for the wealthy that Bush is pushing will be paid for by cutting or eliminating several important domestic/social programs. It's a classic "take from you and give to them" budget, again. Bushwa talks, but your money walks.

Here's the link:

Just one comparison to get you started: Over the next ten years, Bush will give the Wal-Mart heirs tax breaks of 32.7 billion dollars, while cutting Medicaid funding by 28 billion.

These are real numbers-study them. When you've done this, ask yourself if Bush Inc. have maybe been feeding you a boatload of pure lies every time they tell you that they hold the best interests of you and your family first in their hearts. If you still buy into their crap, you are a bona fide fool, too stupid to believe you own lyin' eyes. Will ANYTHING make you understand how badly you've been duped?

Incidentally, Taibbi's take on the quality of news coverage these days is right on the mark, and mirrors my previous posts. I wish he would quit stealing my stuff.

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