Saturday, February 3, 2007

A reply to a comment on the ARMY OF GOD post

Reverend Spitz: I thank you for reading my blog post, but I must take issue with your statement that I am an anti-Christian bigot. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, I am a devout believer in the words of Jesus Christ, who preached love, caring, understanding, and tolerance for all people, even those who are your enemies.
I believe in the Jesus Christ who decried religious hypocrisy in all its forms, including those who preach hate and intolerance, who preach to gain power and wealth unto themselves, and who dare to assume the role of God Himself and pass judgement on others. By judging me, Reverend, you are showing yourself to be anti-Christian, and are thus in real danger of eternal damnation, according to Christ's own words.
Religious beliefs aside for a moment, you should also know that I am a patriotic American who has a profound respect, bordering on reverence, for the Constitution of the United States,which guarantees all Americans, even you, the right to live free and to be heard, without interference from others. Indeed , our Constitution also has specific protections that prohibit people from imposing their religious beliefs on others. You and I are free to be Christian, others to be Jewish, or Muslim, or Wiccan or even atheists if they so choose.
ANY religious movement seeking to overthrow these Constitutional protections and to establish a theocratic state where one religion holds sway is, by any definition, treasonous.
I have read your blog, Reverend, and can see that you are very, if not solely, concerned about abortion. Please know that I too consider abortion to be murder. However, this is my view, and your view, but not everyone feels as we do. Our Constitution protects the right of all citizens to hold views other than ours. If, as we believe, abortion is murder, people who feel otherwise will have to answer to God, not to us.
Also, Reverend, don't you find it more than a little hypocritical that so many who hold that abortion is murder don't see any contradiction in supporting the death penalty, or supporting wars that claim hundreds of thousands of innocent lives? Isn't that murder, too?
Aren't you just as guilty of murder if you passively permit people to die of starvation when we have the collective means to feed them, or to clothe them so that they don't freeze, or to provide medical care when they can't afford it, so that they don't die because of its lack?
So, Reverend Spitz, I would respectfully request that you read the Constitution, and that you re-read Matthew very carefully, before you cast another stone.
Thank you.


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