Wednesday, February 28, 2007

F.ood D.eaths A.cceptable

The Food And Drug Administration is doing its best to imperil to imperil the health and safety of Americans (at least those who eat food). Here's a link to an Associated Press article detailing how FDA inspections of our food supply have dropped precipitously, even if the face of an alarming rise in food-borne illnesses.;_ylt=AqZspkbCcwKMYNy4Z1H7PENZ24cA

Food safety inspections have dropped 47% from 2003 to 2006, and safety inspections of U.S. produced food have dropped by 75%. Aint that just darn Skippy?

Why would this be happening? Well, it's a given that any business fights regulation fang -and-claw because the cost of compliance might interfere with their bottom line. That's the nature of business--to treat any regulation as an intrusion on their right to operate freely. Because the Bush administration is so extremely business friendly, they are relentlessly castrating the regulatory agencies so that they cannot perform the consumer protection functions they are supposed to. When big money is involved,the consumer will ALWAYS lose.

The goal of the Republican party is to shrink the size of the Federal government so that big business can have free rein. This is one example of how they are going about it.

To drive the point home, here's another link showing that, as I write this, the FDA is proceeding with plans to close 7 of their 13 existing labs.

Shows you how much those (uninspected) cheesy bastards care about you, doesn't it? Of course, they must also get campaign cash from the funeral industry, too.

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