Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Odd Nuggets

QUESTION-- How many government Republicans does it take to screw in a light bulb?

QUICK ANSWER-- They can't. They can only screw it up.

THOUGHTFUL ANSWER-- Just two, assuming they can fit into it.

REAL ANSWER-- They don't have to. That's what billion dollar no-bid contracts are for.
If I ever meet George Bush, I'm going to say "Is that a booger on your lip, Mr President?"
(ten to one he wipes his mouth)
Just for fun I'll follow up with "Was it yours, sir?"
Not to be outdone by Senator Barack Obama's paean to hackneyed rhetoric, "The Audacity of Hope", Senator Hillary Clinton is rushing a book into print to be titled "The Audacity of the Wife of the Man From Hope, Arkansas".
I'm sure that it will inspire us all. Take that,Obama!
Ever notice Ann Coulter? She's one of the more imfamous treasonous filth-spewers popular in right-wing media. She's so far out she can't get back without a heat shield.
Anyway, I always thought it odd that she has what appears to be a prominent adams-apple, which is extremely rare in someone who purports to be female. Well, guess what. I now have in my possession, passed to me by a CIA source of undisputed mendacity(widely cited in the run-up to Iraq), uncorroborated information clearly alleging that Ms. Coulter's "adams-apple" is, in fact, a testicle. My source is unable to say if it is simply "undescended", or if it got there as the result of a tryst.
Stay tuned for updates on this important story.

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