Monday, January 22, 2007

An open letter to Dennis Kucinich

Dear Representative Kucinich:
You, sir, are the most openly progressive and principled man in the House. You have never hesitated to introduce legislation on imporant issues, and have no hidden agenda. You are not, unlike some other candidates, a poseur giving lip service to lofty social goals while selling out to special interests. You fight constantly for every citizen in this country, and I would vote for you if you ran for the office of God.

You have two big problems to overcome, however. The first is lack of money. That problem would disappear if you can overcome the second problem, lack of charisma. You don't seem "presidential" enough to get sufficient votes from an electorate that responds to flash over substance.

I do have an idea that might help-- steal the charisma from Barack Obama. He's got plenty of flash, but not much substance. You can certainly help the country better than he can.
If that doesn't work, and you are determined to benefit the country, give him your principles and backbone, and help him get elected. At least we would still win.

We need you, Rep. Kucinich. We need your ideas. We need your vision. We need your help to correct the ills of our society. Forgive me for saying" STAY THE COURSE"

Thank you.

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