Saturday, April 28, 2007

Boehner -Shameless Two-faced Party-line Animal

This one is over the top, even for Boehner. Boehner, a totally partisan mouthpiece for the Bush administration, is one of a chorus of Republican lawbreakers (oops-lawmakers) who have been spouting the party line that the Democrats are guaranteeing defeat in Iraq by insisting on a withdrawal date as a condition for war funding. This despite having voted in the past for de-funding and early withdrawal from Somalia in 1993.

Other top Republican officials have done the same thing in past conflicts, including John McCain and Jon Kyl . Even Dear Leader Bush blasted President Clinton because he didn't set a timetable for leaving Kosovo. But Boehner is in a class by himself. This shameless shill had the gall, despite his votes on Somalia, to give a speech on the House floor again blaming the Dems for passing a funding bill with a deadline, and actually referred to Somalia as an example of a country we didn't have courage to stay in.

Thanks to Think Progress for their article and video clip.

You know, I just gotta find a better word for "hypocrite". I can't write anything anymore without needing to use it, and though it's spot on accurate, it's becoming worn out from overuse. Any suggestions?

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