Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Good stuff here

Most of the time here I try to add my spin to news articles about political happenings, but every so often I run across an essay so thoughtful and well-written that I can't add anything to it without diminishing the essay itself. Here are some that are definitely worth reading. Take the time and broaden your understanding.

1) Why Having More No Longer Makes Us Happy , by Bill McKibben.
An excerpt from his latest book that shows that the accumulation of wealth is NOT the way to
happiness. This is a long one, but read it through anyway.

2) Sweet Little Lies, by Paul Krugman.
Explains how the Republican attack machine constantly uses deliberate lies to create
negative impressions, aided by the media.

3) The Legacy of the Plame Affair, by David Sirota.
On what happens when the press grants anonymity to sources for all the wrong reasons.
http://www.workingforchange.com/blog/index.cfm?mode=entry&entry=67D04FC2-E0C3- F084-D86022AE8AD7D017

4) The Complicity of Congress in a Criminal War, by Richard W. Behan.
The Democrats are advancing the Iraq war by requiring an Iraqi oil-sharing plan as a funding
benchmark, and by not impeaching Bush for lying repeatedly about the reasons for the

If anyone disagrees with these essays, please let me know.

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