Saturday, April 28, 2007

Limbaugh's oKKK -might get a Grammy

Racist references permeate the right-wing media machine, especially talk radio, and Rush Limbaugh leads the pack. I'm not an Obama supporter, but what Limbaughs latest attempt at political "humor" speaks to doesn't come close to politics. It is a clear signal to the racist elements in our society that racism will always have a home in the Republican party. Those bastards work overtime to both play up fears of and make fun of blacks, gays, liberals, Arabs, Asians, and Mexicans , and to undo the painstakingly slow progress we have made in this country against inequality based on discrimination. They thrive on divisiveness, regardless of the damage it does, because it gets them votes.

Here is a link to an audio file of a recent Limbaugh program on which a "parody" got prominent play. It's called Barack the Magic Negro.

This disgusting piece of shit (the song-not Limbaugh) has actually ruffled a few feathers. Can you imagine!Some people of color, including some who work for Limbaugh, are really offended.
I can imagine Limbaughs explanation--"What? You mean that these folks are actually black? If I had known that, I never would have played that song. I thought they were just wetbacks in blackface using affirmative action to get hired".

Remember, this program has had as guests many top Republicans, including Bush and Cheney, and if they don't quickly and clearly repudiate Limbaugh for his blatant racism, they can never make any claim about supporting equal rights or civil rights or representing a majority of Americans. And forget any posturing about the "moral high ground".

If any of you have been voting Republican, you should try real hard to reclaim your humanity. If this doesn't make you feel dirty, I don't think you can be redeemed.

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