Saturday, April 28, 2007

Regent U.-only the best and brightest

Monica Goodling is a central figure in the widening scandals concerning the political firings (and hirings) of U.S. Attorneys General by the Department of Justice. She was the third highest person in the DOJ until she abruptly resigned her position. She was subsequently subpoenaed by the committee investigating the USAG purge, and pleaded the Fifth amendment. That committee just offered her immunity to compel her testimony about what she knows. It will be interesting to see if she can bring herself to tell the truth.

Ms Goodling is an attorney, as evidenced by the diploma which she "earned" at Regent University, having gone there after graduating from Messiah College. Regent U. is a law school founded in 1986 by televangelist businessman Pat Robertson, so you know that God must have told him to start the school. I'm giving you two video links here, one by Bill Maher, who dissects Regents ties to the Bush Administration, and the other from Jon Stewarts The Daily Show, who also destroys them, but with just a little more humor.

Despite the way this subject is treated in these clips, this is a very serious matter, as is points up the right-wing Christian supremacists ongoing under-the-radar efforts to place as many of their people into the government as they can to advance their drive for a theocratic state. It also illustrates the eagerness of the Bush Administration to hire poorly-educated ideologues to help advance their OWN agenda, which includes creating a permanent Republican majority and subverting every government agency to that end. Soulless traitorous bastards kinda nails it for me.

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