Sunday, April 15, 2007

DOJ-- ignorance and disdain rule Gonzo's world

The blogosphere is exploding with new revelations and speculations about the firing of the U.S.Attorneys for partisan political reasons. Even the mainstream media are exploring this scandal more and more, as it reveals a very widespread problem with the administration of impartial justice. If you are not yet aware of this scandal, which reaches at least as far as Karl Rove, you are comatose, so I am not going to bore you with all the juicy details. Anyway, much more will come out in the near future, and it will definitely dominate the news, almost as much as Anna Nicole Smith.

Rather, I would like you to read two really good articles that provide perspective on "purgegate". They were both published on 4/16/07 on

The first is an in-depth interview with Daniel J. Metcalfe, a highly respected career attorney with the DOJ, who recently retired after more than 30 years in the department. Mr Metcalfe, who is a registered Independent, offers some very telling views on the culture at DOJ under Alberto Gonzalez, and how it differs from all of the previous AG's. It aint pretty, but it explains the thinking and the processes that go on in a politicized department staffed with inexperienced ideologues, who don't understand the law and show disdain for government procedures.

The second piece gives background information Preet Bharara, Senator Chuck Schumer's chief counsel, who is the man most responsible for running the Senate investigation. It also gives a synopsis of the investigation thus far.

Both articles are well worth the read, and will help you understand events as they unfold.

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