Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dan Burton-Mr. Hypocrazy himself

Representative Dan Burton(R-IN) is one of a number of Republicans who have been spinning the line warning Democrats about issuing subpoenas in a partisan witch hunt. Holy moley, Battyman! Methinks you are guilty of partisan hackery! A little double double standard standard music, please.
Burton was one of the most prolific abusers of subpoena power EVER. While the Clinton impeachment hearings were going on, he subpoenaed over 140 people, investigating anything he could think of. He even held ten days of hearings on the White House Christmas card list!. This clown is also well-remembered for a news event at his Indiana farm, where he shot watermelons trying to prove that Vince Foster was murdered, not a suicide.

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Neither Burton nor any other House Republican has any right to claim some kind of high ground now, not after what they did to Clinton. All of their efforts were part of a totally partisan campaign to smear Clinton, and they knew from the outset that the Clintons had done nothing wrong. The difference now is that there has been literally no oversight or investigation of the Bush administration in six years, and the Dems have a lot of catching up to do. If the Democrats manage to spend $100 million on their "witch hunts", like the Republicans did on the Clinton blow job, then it'll be money spent to a necessary purpose. If they end up issuing subpoenas to everyone at all connected with the Republican thieves, then fine--we can always build more prisons.

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