Thursday, April 5, 2007

DOJ lies themselves into becoming lawbreakers

God almighty, they can't even lie well! The assholes at the DOJ cooked up several reasons why David Iglesias, former U.S.Attorney for New Mexico, was fired from his job. This was done to disprove allegations that his dismissal was done for parstisan political reasons. However, they screwed up royally by asserting that one of the main reasons for his firing was that he was absent too much. The only problem with that is that Iglesias is a Captain in the Naval Reserves, and when he was gone from his office, he was on duty with the Navy fighting the "war on terror", and his job as U.S. Attorney is legally protected while he is on duty with the military.

Here's a link to a Newsweek article with details:

Iglesias has been advised by the Office of Special Counsel (headed by a Republican appointee) to file a formal complaint against the DOJ protesting his dismissal.

DOJ can cover this up all they want, but the smell still escapes, and it's enough to make you gag.

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