Monday, April 9, 2007

Bush fixes illegal immigration! Yeah, right.

Used to be in this country, slaves didn't have to pay for the privilege of their status, but President Bush is a clever fellow. He has just unveiled and is busy touting his plan to deal with the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States. As you might expect, the plan is unworkable and extremely punitive to the illegals.

His plan would require that these folks go home, apply for U.S. residency at a consulate, obtain a special visa at a cost of $3,500 every three years, and pay a one-time fine of $10,000 before returning.

The fine alone would come to $50,000 for a family of five (@10k/head). That's chump change!
Could you come up with $10, 000 for everyone in your family, even if you were single? Didn't think so. How do you suppose that low-paid workers are possibly going to afford it? Just in case they all did, however, that comes to a tidy $1.2 TRILLION dollars, almost enough to pay for Bushes wars.

Additionally, the special visas at $1,167/yr would bring in another $140 BILLION annually. Plus, of course they would all be paying taxes (many are already, with no recovery). This annual bounty to the Treasury would pay for the border fence and allow more tax breaks to deserving corporations, Republican donors, and the super-rich(including both Democrats).

The only problem is , it won't work. It can't work, because the illegals can't afford to do this. If it cost $10,000 to get in, the Indians , God bless 'em, would still own this land if Bushes plan had been put into effect 200 years ago. Do you think that 12 million illegal aliens are going to pick up and leave because they can't afford to comply with these draconian regulations? Hell no they're not! They're going to stay right where they are, scraping by, doing work for lower wages than others get so that their employers can make greater profits, until they are picked up and deported. In other words, NOTHING WILL CHANGE.

Yes, they are illegal. Yes, something should be done, but surely to God there has to be something better than this! Make no mistake, this plan was put forward as a sop to racists who don't care one bit about practicalities and realities. Bush wants to keep them happy because they represent a solid Republican voting bloc. Although the immigration problem has been around for years, they've made it a BIG ISSUE recently to keep people distracted from the Bush gang rape of our country.

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