Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sex education mis-directed, Dobson says

A detailed Federal study just released compared students who had received "abstinence-only" sex education with students who had not, and found no difference in the sexual habits of the two groups. Here's a link to a 164 page pdf file containing the full report, with the relevant summary on page 17:

The study shows that teens who had received "abstinence-only" sex education : 1) were just as likely to have sex; 2) had just as many sexual partners; 3) started having sex at the same age; and 4) had the same amount of unprotected sex.

Other studies have suggested that many teens resort to anal sex, unaware that while it may help to avoid pregnancy, it does nothing to stem the epidemic rates of sexually transmitted disease. In that regard, anal sex is still a crap chute.

It is clear that the concerted effort to destroy the First Amendment separation of church and state by insinuating "abstinence-only" education into our public schools should be stopped immediately, as this religion-based curriculum has been proven to be without merit.

Even the right-wing ultra conservative Christian groups who have pushed hard for abstinence education would seem to agree. Dr James Dobson, head of the powerful organization Focus on the Money, sent a letter to his followers acknowledging the failure of their efforts, but indicates that he now has a deeper understanding of the causes of teenage sex. I obtained a copy from a mole in the Bush administrations Office of Faith-Based Fallacies , and am reprinting it below.

To my faithful contributors,
I have recently learned that the "abstinence-only" sex education courses we had been so successful in getting inserted in to the public school curriculum have failed to produce the desired results. It appears that the problem of teen sex is the same regardless of the method of sex education that is taught. I have anguished over the failure of our pet program, trying to understand how we blew it so badly, but God has appeared to me and explained it.

We have been teaching these kids about Gods wish that sexual congress be avoided until sanctified by marriage. You know-"no fun until one", which is clearly explained in Scripture. However, I now know that teens are NOT responsible for their promiscuous behavior, and we have been preaching to them for naught.

Teens, God told me, are unwilling and unwitting carriers of EVIL THINGS lurking in their bodies, that they cannot control. We have something called "hormones", and while many of them are good for us, there are two HELL-SPAWNED DEMONS. They are named Estrogen and Testosterone, and it is they who make the "bad thing" happen. That these demons really exist should have been obvious, because we even use the word "horny" to describe the victims of their handiwork. It is they who create in their unwilling hosts the overwhelming feelings of lust and desire that must be sated even if it means eternal damnation.

Thus, my friends, it is clear that it is not the children, but the demons with whom we must communicate directly and convince to screw off. I have been praying hard on teen sex most of my adult life, just as many of you have. However, it is now time for me to take a more hands-on approach with teen sex. I must and I will learn how to talk with these demons, even if I have to get right in there with them. Doing Gods work is never easy, but I am his willing servant, and will gird my loins for this effort.

Please help my loin-girding by making a generous love offering today. It is vital that my research be as well-endowed as I am, and I can't wait to get started.

Once I have plumbed the depths of the teen sex thing, and satisfied myself that I have solved the demon-convincing angle, it will be easy to thrust our newly developed program back into the schools as an integral part of the Leave No Childs Behind Act. We can call it "teaching to the testes".

Pray for the day of our return.

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