Thursday, April 12, 2007

Green Zone bombing reddens faces

A suicide bomber infiltrated the cafeteria at the Iraqi parliament building today, killing at least two Iraqi legislators and wounding many others. The building is located inside the super-secure super-fortified "Green Zone" in Baghdad, long thought to be impenetrable by terrorists and insurgents, and is the supposed safe haven for U.S. and Iraqi officials. Guess not now.

Initial reports blame Al Qaeda for the bombing, and it may be true, because the Iraqis don't like them any more than we do. Who was responsible doesn't matter so much as how they managed to do it, given all the extra troops Bush surged in to make the city safe and secure.

Any time you hear happy talk about how the surge is working, remember this incident. If Bush and the boys can't even make this one comparatively small area safe, you know damned well that they can't do it anywhere.

I'm curious how they're going to spin this one to show we're on the road to success. "Temporary setback"."Isolated incident". "Proves they're desperate"."Definitely the last throes -they're almost out of suicide bombers". "If they're bombing the Green Zone, it's because they're afraid to go into the neighborhoods where we're operating". Etc. Etc.

Oh well, death goes on.;_ylt=ArqQe.7tPzCoJqCjnwJvunnMWM0F

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