Saturday, February 23, 2008

IRS nails 7 year old tax cheat

From AP 2/23/08, via The Raw Story:

Police in a Chicago suburb say the Internal Revenue Service has told a 7-year-old boy he owes back taxes on $60,000 because someone else has been using the youngster's identity to collect wages and unemployment benefits.

Officers in suburban Carpentersville said Friday the second-grader's identity has been in use by someone else since 2001.

Detectives have filed a felony identity theft charge against 29-year-old Cirilo Centeno of Streamwood, Ill.

They accuse Centeno of using the boy's personal information to collect more than $60,000 in pay and services while working three jobs. They say he also used the boy's ID to buy a truck, pay bills and even collect unemployment benefits.

I can only say it's about time the IRS began cracking down on these juvenile scofflaws. If they collected from all these kids who obviously have no regard for the laws of this land, then we'd have a budget surplus within six months! I'm sick and tired of paying more than my fair share of taxes and getting nothing in return! If little snots like this are forced to pony up we'd be in good shape and could even increase the size of the tax cuts for the super-rich without increasing the deficit. Do you realize how many kids there are in this country? Billions at least!

They need to make an example of this little creep.I hope he's hauled into Tax Court in shackles and ordered to forfeit his lunch money for the rest of his life. Any of you bleeding hearts that say it's not his fault--well, baloney--its everyone's responsibility to guard against identity theft, and since he obviously didn't, he's guilty of providing material support to a criminal enterprise. There's nothing in the statutes that lets kids off the hook. He really should do hard time for this, but he's probably related to Barack Hussein Obama.


Anonymous said...

This kid should be responsible for the theft. I don't see the relevance to age. Your right, he abetted the culprit and should face the strictest penalties.
If I were to to hazard a guess, that little punk probably has a voting record also. Kids these days are incorrigable, we should incarcerate all the little b_astards.
He will probably get off without punishment because he is registered democrat, not because of his relatives.

JohnDWoodSr said...

Anonymous--You're right- I checked, and he is a Democrat, and you can forget "equal justice". There are two main reasons he's gonna walk. In the last election he voted for Kerry but the machine counted it as 23 votes for Bush, so the Republicans figure they owe him one. The other thing is, he really is related to Obama--He's a bastard child resulting from a liaison between Obama and a coconut.That makes him a "macaroon", and the cookie manufacturers are paying for some high-powered attorneys to build good will for their products.
The average tax cheat could never get this kind of help--I've had to pay up 6 times so far. With penalties!
P.S.- I hear that Obama also used to date a fig. Spread it around.