Friday, February 1, 2008

Sunday boredom fighter

It's Friday, I'm lazy, and I'm overstocked on things to post, so I'm gonna help us both out--I get to reduce my inventory and you have something to read on Sunday while waiting for commercial breaks in the Super Bowl game.

Please note the brilliant segues.

Senators Pat Leahy (D-VT) and John Cornyn (R-TX) both accuse the Bush crime family of trying to eliminate the FOIA office, which is responsible for complying with citizen requests for government documents. With no impeachment in sight though, it doesn't matter much what they think, does it?They won't do squat.

And because they won't take the time away from the"nations business"to actually save the nation, Arlen Spector has time to to devote to browbeating the NFL over something really important.

In the meantime, Attorney General Mukasey screwed up at a senate hearing and admitted that George Bush would have been the "go to guy" to authorize waterboarding. (h/t-Progressive Daily Beacon) Again, so what? They've all got a free pass.

So, over at "Neocon Central", John Bolton has come up with yet another absurd slander, claiming the Mullahs in Iran want a Democratic President to win the election because they'll be more "pliable". Now there are only two ways Bolton could get that information--NSA wiretaps or diplomatic back-channels never closed after the Iran-Contra scandal( smart money is on the latter--the NSA sucks when it matters) Or, he's just full of shit as usual.

Speaking of Iran, everyone knows by now that Bush is determined to start a war with Iran, and has consistently painted Iran as the "greatest threat" in the world, but this essay might put his statements in their proper light--all lies.

Furthermore, it would appear that the new "greatest threat", at least to the U.S., may not be Iran at all, but Brazil! Carnival is getting underway, that annual revel celebrating wanton immorality (Jenna--you listening? Maybe you can hitch a ride on some televangelists jet--they're all heading down on to "spread the word". And some legs).

But that's only the "moral" threat--the real one--the one that could lead to a preemptive nuclear strike-- is this --Brazil is embarking on a program to add a nuclear submarine to its fleet! The implications are staggering. The clear threat to the security of the U.S. screams for a decisive response of the type that only George Bush isn't afraid to make. Of course, Brazil won't have its sub for years (about when Iran could pose a threat), but not attacking now, before the threat is real, is the worst sort of folly (at least if you apply Bush's Iran arguments). However, if Bush does wait to attack, the Mach 7 electromagnetic railgun under development may be ready for deployment, to blast that Portuguese (speaking) Man o' War out of the water before it can unleash death and destruction on our peace loving nation.

OK, there's no way I can segue into the rest of these gems, so it's "hopscotch" from here--

The Democrats are raising a lot more campaign cash than the Republicans, and that's a good thing, but this, and read it carefully, is a bad thing.

Here are a few articles shedding light on how our "populist" ex-President has been spending his time since leaving the White House. I will call them "The Making of a Profit" and "Hobnobbing With the Rich and Slimy". Can't wait to see him as First Lady.

And to close the show, ladies and gentlemen, I offer this, which is disturbing but rife with possibilities. If they can get away with this crap, then by God, so can we! Just think about it.

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