Saturday, October 27, 2007

Do us both a favor

Take an hour or so to read the essays under the links provided. They generally follow a theme-- WE are in the soup, our government is out of our control, our rights are disappearing right along with the Constitution, the right-wing sucks and they are being aided by the Democrats to wage war on the world and us, and what in hell are we going to do about it. The last two are a little different--the first just describes one of the "benefits" of a convenience culture and the second will let you know what to expect from the next generation of "leadership".

Read, learn, re-read anything you didn't get the first time, and give me your thoughts while it's still legal.

Continued Disenfranchisement of the People Can Only Lead to Violence, 10/25/07

When America Went Fascist, 9/25/07

You Have No Rights, 8/14/07

The Who's Your Daddy Nation, 10/06/07

Why Does Everybody Bow Down to the Health Insurance Industry, 9/24/07

We Can Do Better Than This, 10/16/07

In 2008, Make your Vote Count... Vote "NO CONFIDENCE", 10/19/07

These Democrats Aren't Our Grandparents' Democrats, 10/20/07

Government Surveillance Threatens Your Freedom, Even If You Have Nothing To Hide, 10/20/07

Is a Presidential Coup Under Way?, 10/23/07

Where Does the Right-Wind End and the Media Begin?, 10/26/07

I'm Not a "Democrat-American"- I'm an American, 10/27/07

Come see our giant toxic stew, 10/26/07

American kids, dumber than dirt, 10/24/07

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