Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Kennedy claims Dem Senators are victims, too

This is the text of an e-mail I just received from Senator Ted Kennedy, writing on the letterhead of The Committee for a Democratic Majority. Senator Kennedy is on his high horse about the expansion of Bush's wiretapping program, and wants me to sign a petition telling the White House to stop taking away our rights. Read it. (Emphasis added)

Dear John,I don't trust Alberto Gonzales with the power to spy on the American people – and neither should you.
In recent months, Gonzales has been under increasingly heavy fire for his shameful role in a number of shocking scandals, including the Bush Administration's illegal eavesdropping program and his refusal to come clean about what he has done. He's lost the confidence of the American people, and many -- myself included -- have called for his resignation.
But rather than holding Gonzalez and other members of the Administration accountable for breaking the law, the White House pushed for legislation that legalizes their actions.

Two weeks ago, the Bush Administration and their rubber-stamp Republican allies in Congress forced revisions of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to expand the government's right to spy on American citizens without outside oversight.

Once again, George Bush, Dick Cheney and Alberto Gonzalez are taking the Bill of Rights into their own hands. Tell the White House to stop scaring the American people into surrendering their basic rights:http://www.democraticmajority.com/page/m/pfvOwgiPQiV/74VXzlThere's no doubt FISA had serious gaps that Congress needed to close. But as the New York Times stated, the new FISA law goes "far beyond the small fixes that administration officials had said were needed to gather information about foreign terrorists."
Under the new law, any conversation between an American citizen and a foreigner can be monitored without a warrant.
Any conversation at all!
But even worse, there's no accountability for this massive new surveillance program. The Bush Administration will set the rules about who gets spied on, and will also have the responsibility for determining whether they're complying with their own rules.It's like taking a test, and then getting to grade it yourself.Each of us wants to do everything in our power to protect America from the threat of terrorism. But the Bush Administration refuses to draw any line between fighting terrorism and violating basic civil liberties.Together, we can draw the line. Sign the petition, letting Washington know that you don't want Alberto Gonzales spying on honest, hard-working Americans like you:http://www.democraticmajority.com/page/m/pfvOwgiPQiV/74VXzlThis is the same Administration mentality that gave us Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. Again and again, Alberto Gonzalez, Dick Cheney, and George Bush have thumbed their noses at the Constitution and the rule of law, and then demanded that Congress condone their abuses and trust their judgment.Not this time. We owe the nation a better approach, and you can help us do it.Sincerely,

What a goddam smoke and mirrors con job this is. TOTAL bullshit.

The last time I checked the Democrats held a majority in the Senate. The ONLY way this gross treasonous stripping of our civil rights could possibly have happened is if "my" Democratic majority allowed it. And, as it happens, that is exactly what occurred.

Every Republican, as expected, voted for this bill (including Joe Lieberman). But it would have come to nothing without the votes of FOURTEEN DEMOCRATIC SENATORS :

Evan Bayh (Indiana); Tom Carper (Delaware); Bob Casey (Pennsylvania); Kent Conrad (North Dakota); Dianne Feinstein (California); Daniel Inouye (Hawai‘i); Amy Klobuchar (Minnesota); Nancy Mary Landrieu (Louisiana); Blanche Lincoln (Arkansas); Claire McCaskill (Missouri); Barbara Mikulski (Maryland); Bill Nelson (Florida); Ben Nelson (Nebraska); Mark Pryor (Arkansas); Ken Salazar (Colorado); Jim Webb (Virginia).

I am SO disgusted with the behavior of the Democrats I could spit, and now they come up with this bs to cover their asses. This is the political party that we have turned to out of near-total desperation. The party that we elected to a majority last November to lead the recovery from the Bush takeover. The party that was going to get us out of Iraq. The party that was going to call the Bush Crime Family to account. The party that that was going to save our constitution and our democracy. The party that was going to pass social programs to help all of us citizens.

And now, this. The one thing that has always defined Republican politicians, the one thing that
REALLY hits my outrage hot-button, is their blatant lies and hypocrisy. And here comes Senator Kennedy blaming George Bush and the Republicans for something the Democrats helped happen. SHITSHITSHIT!!!! I just can't make excuses for them any more.

If Senator Kennedy is serious about the damage this rotten law is about to inflict on us, then I would suggest that he turn around on his high horse and start kicking the 14 Democratic road apples named above.


Anonymous said...

It never fails to amaze me at how ignorant your rants can be at times. Don't you realize that the democrats need for you to understand that they are trying to put a stop to this kind of spying but cannot as long as there is a terrorist threat looming over our heads.
I am sure that once the whole middle east thing is laid to rest in the next 50 years they will push for the repeal of this executive power. I have no doubts that once the identity chips installed under our skin (federal mandate) will make that piece of legislation impractical. (i.e. laws about tethering horses outside on the street)
Take heart in the fact our government is doing its very best to insure our safety and lessen threat imposed upon us from those that think privacy is a constitutional right.
The only way we are going to stay out of "eye" is to live in the shadows. Don't get a cell phone, home phone, home, computer, credit card, Remke card, Kroger card or any other possession that you cannot pay cash for and use anonymously.
Once you decide to drop out, please feel free to tie your high horse at my house and we can continue this. (Aug 26th around 6 or 6:30 would be a good time for me)

JohnDWoodSr said...

Anon:Thanks for the comment. It fills me with pride to know that my ignorant rants amaze you. It was smart of you to tell me--makes me receptive to what you're saying.
However, have read your missive several times, I admit to some confusion over what our areas of disagreement are, so here are some general statements to which I await your response.
1)Our gov't is elected to serve us, not enslave us.
2)"Separation of powers" is absolutely vital to preserve the form of gov't we have enjoyed for over 200 yrs.
3)Said "separation of powers" has served us well all these years, through peace and war, and the current "Homeland invasion" by our own gov't is aimed at setting up a dictatorship. The Bush power grab has nothing to do with terrorism--it's just an excuse.
4)The Iraq fiasco has created 20 times more terrorists than before, thus ensuring the "perpetual war" Bush wants.
5) 9/11 was enabled by a few people very high up in our gov't.
6)Privacy IS a Constitutional right, and its loss engenders the fear our gov't needs to control us.
7)I cherish honesty, and get enraged by its lack in our politicians.We all deserve better, regardless of party.
8)If we don't fight this we, you and me, automatically lose, and I won't let that happen while I still draw breath. I cannot stand silent while our country goes down the tubes.

Get back to me on this.Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Well Duh! Ever consider the possibility that the opening statement was just to see if you read any posted comments.
1) I am the choir, albeit a fairly recent convert
2) The degradation of our rights scares the hell out of me
3) I'm more worried about the future generations because they will just go along with the program because that is all they will know.
4) Chavez is Bush's role model and if the thought he could get away with it, he would.
5) Your damn right this whole fiasco has brought about more terrorist than ever.
6) GO to YOUTUBE and type in cheney. Look for his interview as to why Sr. didn't invade Iraq and compare what he said in 1994. They knew well over a decade ago what a fiasco it would be and the dumbasses still did it.
7) Impeachment is to lenient, drawn and quartered might not be to harsh
8) What more can you tell me about the article V people that I cannot get from the website?
9) I believe term limits should be imposed at all levels of government. They have too much power for way too long. I am not confident that the 1000 or so members of the senate, house, and ceo's that control our country give a rats ass about us little people.
10) Talk at ya later!

JohnDWoodSr said...
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