Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Larry Craig claims Mr I Da Ho crown

Republican Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) sits on the board of the NRA and is one of their strongest supporters in the Senate, but is more famously known for his long political career as a "gay-basher", who has worked tirelessly pushing punitive anti-gay legislation. He is a career right-winger who made his "bone" playing to the hate crowd.

However, turns out the NRA's front man can't even handle his "pee-shooter". The poor guy was caught attempting to bite off more than he could chew. He was arrested in a few months ago for soliciting sex from an undercover cop in a Minneapolis airport restroom. He pled guilty to a disorderly conduct charge, paid a $500 fine and got a years probation. Read all about it, here and here . You may also want to watch the supermarket tabloids for the headline Cop Nabs Knob-Copper in Restroom Caper.

The only real point to all this sophomoric sarcasm is simple-- I take great pleasure in demeaning every right-wing hypocrite that gets exposed for what they are. I truly don't give the slightest damn about his sexual preference, but the lasting harm done by his lies bothers me to the point of shaking rage. This SOB "crotch potato" is too cowardly to admit what he did, and is coming up with tortured excuses and denials to save his political skin. In light of the arresting officer's compelling testimony, Craig's excuses are really pathetic, and the voters in Idaho might now realize that his claimed moral authority is more like an "oral authority".

With Larry Craig maybe blowing his career, and Bill Sali, a Republican representative from Idaho exposed as a "Christian reconstructionist" who won't hesitate to shred the Constitution, The State of Idaho has some serious problems.

If Idaho continues to elect dangerous scum like these two, it might be necessary to force them to secede from the United States. I hope they clean house and blast these "spudniks" from orbit before it's too late.

UPDATE: Carpe Baloney has just learned that Larry Craig, whose official residence is Eagle, Idaho, also owns property in the cities of Boysee and Pokeafellow. A visit to the addresses we found shows the properties to be un-improved except for a portable toilet on each lot.

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