Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Protecting the Homeland, Bush style

"Psst! Wanna make a 'dirty bomb'? Well, c'mon in and we'll fix ya' right up".

Yes, it's almost that bad. After Bush has spent years scaring us with the spectre of terrorists attacking the U.S. with low-yield but highly radioactive nuclear bombs, after telling us that he's the person that God has personally chosen to keep the terrorist infidels away from our shores, after telling us that he will keep us safe, and after scamming untold billions from our treasury to back up his words, any reasonable person would assume that he meant it. Right?

You would assume that every government agency, and every person in that agency, would be 100% vigilant and dedicated to ensuring that we were safe from dirty bombs and anything else that could inflict death and destruction on our citizens. At least, you'd assume that safeguards would have been put in place immediately and followed scrupulously to eliminate any chance of radioactive material falling into the wrong hands. Right?


Read this little article from Raw Story, here.

Man, did they make it look easy, or what? How much evidence do you need in order to understand that the Bush regime has neither a care nor a clue about "homeland security"? How much evidence do you need to understand that it's all for show, and that you've been played for fools?

What part of "HE REALLY DOESN'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOUR SECURITY" don't you understand.

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