Friday, August 17, 2007

Snarky Friday

YAY !! Jenna Bush, one-half of the dissolute Bush twins, is getting married. Her daddy plans to invade Tasmania and give it to her as a wedding present. Jenna's intended, a dashing young man from well-to-do Virginia Republican stock, is on cloud nine. His name is Henry Hager, and he asked for Jenna's hand so that he could avoid military service in case the draft is re-instated. Sometimes a guys gotta' do what a guys gotta' do--even if he finds it distasteful.

From the Houston Chronicle comes word of a 75 yr old veteran who decided that he'd like the Purple Heart he'd earned in 1952 while in the Marines. What he got instead was a form letter from the government stating that the Purple Hearts were "out of stock". He was given the option of re-applying in 90 days or just going out and buying one, which he did--for $42 + tax from a surplus store.

I can't imagine why our government was out of stock on these medals--it's not like we have any servicemen and women getting wounded anywhere. My guess is that the last batch came in from China coated in lead paint.

The New York Times published an article, which I picked up from Raw Story, about the stock market tumble. This stuff is really serious, but I was drawn to a comment by H. Lee Scott, Jr, CEO of Wal-Mart, explaining why they missed their earnings forecast--"Many customers are running out of money at the end of the month."

Well, DUH. Wal-Mart is the largest employer in the U.S. Maybe if they paid a living wage, the employees might have a better chance of buying something from the company store after the 10th of the month. Sorry, Mr. Scott, but you're reaping what you sow.

I wish I was making this up, but...

A company in Massachusetts, is selling the very latest accessory for our school kids, a "must have" for the cool kids. For only $175.00, they can get their very own bulletproof backpack, in a choice of colors.

OK all you concerned parents, if you love your children, you'll get one of each color to keep them safe. God forbid that outfit should market something that might offend the gun lobby, like a bulletproof gun?

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