Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bullshitter Vitter Bitter, no Quitter

Senator David Vitter (R-La), laying low for over a week since his "outing" by the "DC Madam", has re-emerged, issuing a statement attacking his enemies for trying to profit from his situation.
His "situation" of course, results from his history of "looking for love in all the wrong places" while unashamedly blathering about the importance of the "sanctity of marriage" and calling Bill Clinton "unfit to lead" due to his lack of "moral character".

Links to my previous post on Vitter and a Pensito Review editorial on his latest attempt at damage control here:

The Pensito Review article also mentions that Vitter, in a fighting mood, basically dared anyone to prove that previous allegations of "swordplay" with a hooker from New Orleans are true. That challenge could make him look even more like the basement of an outhouse. Let's hope.

In the meantime, a conservative Christian group has called for Vitter to resign:
From Raw Story:

[...]Arguing for "intellectual consistency," the Louisiana-based group 'Christian Conservatives for Reform' have called on Senator Vitter to resign following revelations of his numerous trysts with DC escorts and frequent patronage of brothels.
The Rev. Grant Storms explained that, "when Bill Clinton fell...we said 'resign', when William Jefferson was indicted we said 'resign', now it's one of our people, and we need to be consistent and say, 'David, do the right thing and resign.'"[...]

I'm serious when I say that although I may strongly disagree with nearly everything the "Christian Conservatives for Reform" stands for, I must applaud them for following the admonition "If thy Vitter offends thee, cast it out!". At least they're consistent.

But, is Vitter likely to heed their call? Nope, because he makes too damn much money from companies who pay well for favorable contracts, and money to a senator speaks louder than words. Read this to get an idea:

This will be my last post about David"The Cornered Rat Critter" Vitter unless he resigns , because I'm running low on rhyming words.

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