Sunday, July 15, 2007

Madam Speaker--Do It Now!--IMPEACH

A friend of mine, someone who appreciates the importance of the U.S. Constitution, sent me a copy of a letter he had sent to Nancy Pelosi, urging her to begin impeachment proceedings against George Bush and Dick Cheney. Shamed by his activism (hint hint), I was compelled to send Speaker Pelosi a similar missive, and am printing both letters here.

ACTIVISM matters--flood her office with letters . She has to know where we stand. Make 'em long or make 'em short, but make 'em to the point--We MUST impeach to save our country. Use these as templates if you want, or you may have a better way of expressing yourself. Either way, do something today.

My friend's letter:

Dear Madam Speaker, First let me congratulate you on your position, and more importantly on the job you are doing for the Congress and our Country.
I'm not one of the 75% who thinks the Congress is doing a poor job. I'm one of the 25% who knows how to count to 60 or 67 as the case may be. We know who the obstructionists are.
I also know that my Congresswoman (Jean Schmidt) will be one of the last hold outs who thinks that the Current Occupant can do no wrong. My calls and letters are responded to with so much blather. She probably thinks that Congressman Murtha is still "a cut and run coward".
Which brings me to my message. It's time to stop ignoring the "I" word and instead of keeping it "off the table", put it front and center where 45% (Bush) and 54% (Cheney) of the American bi-partisan public want it. IMPEACHMENT is NOT a four letter word, and we're ready to start hearing more of it in the news and in the Gallery.
Inside the beltway, you folks are way behind what's going on out here. We want, NO, we demand that you our elected officials stand up for the accountability that this administration has evaded, stonewalled, and dismissed as so much pap, unbecoming to the sitting MONARCHY.
Oh yes, there are grounds-let me count the ways. You know them better than I Madam Speaker. Let's go for a TWOFER, Cheney first then the Current Occupant.
IMPEACHMENT, it's a concept whose time has come! Let's stand with a rising tide of folks who hold with the framers and still have faith in the Constitution that promotes impeachment as the cure for an administration who believes the document to be nothing more than something to be abused for their own political agendas.
Best wishes Madam Speaker and may God bless you in your endeavour.
"You shall not side with the great against the powerless".
Dick Manoukian

And my letter:

Dear Madam Speaker:

An oft-heard fallacy these days is that impeachment would create a constitutional crisis. I was recently reminded that the truth is something quite different.

Our founding fathers specified impeachment as the sole means by which constitutional crises can be remedied,crises such as the one we are in right now.

The illegal, unconstitutional usurpation by the Executive branch of powers rightfully belonging to the Legislative branch are well-documented, and if those powers are not restored through impeachment, it could spell the demise of our democracy.

It is vital not only that impeachment proceedings begin, but that they begin immediately, for if the powers taken from the Legislative branch are not restored before the next election, you will likely never get them back. No future President will relinquish them voluntarily, and the checks and balances so necessary to a functioning democracy will be effectively eliminated. The concept of "separate but equal" branches of government will have been destroyed.

The citizens of this country are restive, sensing if not knowing the danger we face, and we are becoming increasingly desperate for someone to "don the mantle of statesmanship", putting aside petty political considerations for the greater good.

Madam Speaker, surely you recognize that this is an issue of paramount importance. I'm sure that when you consider your oath to "protect and defend", you will do what must be done.

With sincere appreciation,

John D Wood Sr


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