Thursday, July 12, 2007

Michael Moore-kickin' some serious butt

Michael Moore recently appeared on CNN to discuss his new health care documentary "SiCKO" which details the inhumanity and inequity of the profit-driven system we "enjoy" in the U.S. Moore should have been a surgeon, the way he carved new assholes for both Wolf Blitzer and his resident medical "expert", Dr. Sanjay Gupta. I can only give you links to the videos (and to Moore's website), but they are very entertaining. Follow and watch!

First, Guptas distortions--

Moore fires back at Blitzer--this is better than a prize fight--

As promised , Moore rebuts every one of the falsehoods on his website--

Here's the continuation of Moore's interview with Blitzer, which aired the next night-

Last but not least, Moore squares off with Gupta on Larry King Live--

Moore deserves a medal for carrying this fight and refusing to allow any of the industry-backed bullshit to go unchallenged. It's only going to get worse, the right-wing hacks and flacks are out in force, with lies and even personal attacks against Moore.

They do fight dirty, the bastards, because they can't win fairly. Like terrorism, their methods are a tactic, and like terrorism, it takes many innocent lives.

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