Friday, July 6, 2007


Michael Moore's just-released movie SICKO, is playing to large audiences across the nation, and is really pissing people off-both the viewers and the health care providers who have been exposed as the greedy uncaring frauds they are. Moore does a masterful job comparing our profit-driven health care system to the government-run, single-payer universal health care offered in virtually every other developed country. The indisputable consensus is that our system sucks-sucks bad, sucks hard, and sucks your money into the pockets of the companies that routinely deny coverage for people who they deem to be "at risk", and deny payments for specious reasons for people who ARE covered. They even reward employees who deny the most claims!

Not to mention the 46 MILLION people in this country who aren't covered at all because they can't afford it! All men may be created equal, but after that?

The pharmaceutical companies are every bit as bad as the insurance companies that Moore concentrates on, and because they give so much money to OUR legislators, there are no controls over the prices they charge, and any attempt to mitigate the crushing financial burden they impose is automatically shot down in Washington.

Moore is opening some eyes with SICKO and people are realizing how rotten and unfair our health care system really is, and the industry is mounting a full-fledged propaganda campaign of mis-information, distortions, and outright lies to counter the mounting outrage of our citizens.
Their bullshit, now that millions of people are able to see it for what it is, may not work this time around, especially if you make sure that your Senators and Representatives know EXACTLY how you feel about this subject. They need to understand that their careers are in peril, so SPEAK OUT.

The battle is being joined, in the streets, in the boardrooms, and the media. Follow these links:

That last one is such a stretch that "Plastic Man" would be jealous, but it points up the lengths to which industry apologists will go when they have no defense for their despicable practices.

Will the industry prevail? Will they be successful in keeping a call for change only a ripple , barely noticed by the scum floating on the top of the health care pond, or will our concerted action develop into a tsumani that will send them to the bottom?


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