Thursday, March 22, 2007

Blackwater- Bush's Special Republican Guards

Everyone has heard of Blackwater by now. They are the largest private army in the world, started by a wealthy right-winger who has donated huge sums to righty Christian groups.
They have over 20,000 armed "contractors" in Iraq right now, with over 20 planes and helicopter gunships, and even have their own intelligence division. Better yet, the employees working in Iraq are completely above the law and are basically free to do whatever they wish without fear of prosecution.
They are foremost among the benificiaries of Donald Rumsfelds (read 'neocon') plan to privatize much of the U.S. military as a means of funneling enormous profits through DOD contracts. Blackwater also has, or has had, contracts through the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security. They were sent to the Gulf coast after hurricane Katrina-600 of them quickly dispatched to the area( for only $240,000/day), to stop" all of the murders" and keep order by threats and intimidation of the populace. Our National Guard troops would have done it much better, but they were a little busy getting their asses shot off in Iraq.

A link is provided here to an extremely well-written article in The Nation by Jeremy Scahill:

You will see that some belated attempts have been made to force accountabilty onto Blackwater, and none to soon, but Blackwater in any form represents a danger to our nation that simply cannot be permitted.

Just as Saddam Hussein had his elite Special Republican Guards, so does George Bush with Blackwater. There is a certain irony in the name of Hussein's troops, isn't there? A private army of this size, with the resources they have, has the potential to wreak havoc inside the United States. Given their history, and Bush's, it is entirely possible that they could be called upon to stifle dissent with force of arms, even to take control of the government at Bush's order.

Private armed forces like Blackwater have no legimate reason to operate within the United States, as they are NOT government employees, and must be legislated out of existence as quickly as possible. They simply pose too great a danger to us for their presence to be allowed.

I don't know if anyone in Congress shares my concerns, but they should be as alarmed as I am.

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