Friday, March 16, 2007


The title of this post is what is sure to be the right-wing "talking point of the day".
Valerie Plame testified under oath this morning at a hearing conducted by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that she WAS a covert CIA agent at the time she was outed by Dick(The Dick) Cheney, Karl(The Dick) Rove, Richard(The Dick) Armitage, and Scooter(The Dick)Libby. She also testified that she had nothing to do with her husband, Joe Wilson, being sent to Niger to investigate the claim that Iraq had attempted to purchase yellow-cake uranium for a nuclear weapons program.

The Republicans, of course, have been telling us all for years that Plame was NOT covert, that she was only a clerk, that she sent her husband to Niger, that virtually everbody knew that she worked for the CIA, and of course, that no damage was done anyway, etc.

Well, it seems obvious to me that someone is LYING here. You can look for the entire right-wing spin machine to call Plame out for lying under oath. They know that their lackwit faithful will accept it as gospel.

Here's a link to Editor and Publisher with details on the hearing:

What the committee does with this information remains to be seen, but the non-lackwits know what should be done-all the dicks should be put on trial for treason, found guilty, and hanged in Baghdad. Or maybe just sentenced to serve as "field whores" in the Iranian army.

What is it going to take to bring these traitors to justice?

ADDENDUM: Damn, I'm good!!! Brit Hume, one of the professional distortionists on Fox "News" is claiming that Valerie Plame lied under oath!! I knew they'd see right through her. Here's the link:

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