Thursday, March 29, 2007

Can Iglesias hit Rove with a Cruise missle?

Call it whatever you want-"Gonzogate", "Purgegate", "Prosecutorgate", or "Attorneygate", it's real and dirty, and it's happening now. More crap is being uncovered almost daily to show that the firing of at least eight U.S. Attorneys was politically motivated and that many people both in and out of the Bush administration were involved, including people in the Republican National Committee, a Senator, a Representative, Alberto Gonzalez, and Karl "The Krook" Rove.

This political subversion of our justice system is criminal, and many heads will roll before it's all done. The Busheviks are stalling and stonewalling to beat Hell, and it is leading to a huge showdown on the issue of "executive privilege".

There is a lighter side to this sordid mess though, and I'm going to explain it and do a little speculation about one thing that would prove Justice appreciates delicious irony.

David Iglesias, one of the aforementioned U.S. Attorneys, is the person who inspired Tom Cruises character in the movie "A Few Good Men". Here's the link:,20867,21445338-2703,00.html

In the movie Cruise goaded Colonel Jessep, the power-tripping ends- justify -the- means Marine played by Jack Nicholson, into admitting that he issued an illegal order leading to the prosecution of two other Marines that Cruises character was defending. In the dramatic courtroom climax, Nicholson shouted the famous line "You want the TRUTH? You can't HANDLE the truth!"

Imagine for a moment a possibility, remote to be sure, but sooo ripe for sweet revenge. How neat it would be if David Iglesias was named Special Prosecutor for the Senate investigation and got Karl Rove, in a fit of "rove rage", to scream "You want the TRUTH? I can't HANDLE the truth!" The ultimate "gotcha back". Rove could be sentenced to "purgeatory" for a year before he begins his hard time.

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