Saturday, March 17, 2007

How we started on the road to being #1

Of all the horrors of the past six years, the most costly, in terms of lives, money, human suffering, and Constitutional abuses, could have been avoided if George Bush had just said OK.

With all of the awful events that have occurred since 9/11, I had totally forgotten that Bush had rejected a serious offer from the Taliban to hand over Osama bin Laden. I was reminded of this when I found the following, an article by Peter Dyer in

The offer to turn over bin Laden was rejected on 10/14/01. I suspect that by that time the neocon puppetmasters had already decided that the "decider" would be instructed to decide to proceed with the invasion of Afghanistan. The war profiteers could not, would not be denied.

World domination is our God-given right, but I guess we can expect a few bumps in the road on our " divine quest", like Iraq, 700,000+ deaths, our Constitution destroyed along with our democracy, and other trivial things. Maybe Bush was right in refusing the offer--it probably would have just slowed us down.

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