Monday, December 31, 2007

Don't adjust your radio, you're in "The Romney Zone"

There are some things happening that give rise to oddball speculation.

A private equity firm founded by Republican Presidential contender Mitt Romney is attempting to get regulatory approval to purchase Clear Channel Communications, which owns over 1,200 radio stations and 30 tv stations. Considering the makeup of the FCC, it shouldn't be a problem. Romney, who founded Bain Capital Partners LLC, no longer sits on their board of directors, but almost assuredly retains a financial interest. A media giant controlling 9% of the radio waves would be quite a tool for someone running for President, but maybe he has something else in mind for the long term.

As you may have heard, Romney is a devout Mormon, a church often described as a cult, and which has some very odd (to the uninitiated) beliefs. Beliefs odd enough that it wouldn't surprise me to learn that they are negotiating with the government of Guyana to build a huge temple and a Kool-Aid factory in Jonestown. And, they are very much into spreading the word through intense missionary work.

With that in mind, just imagine using Clear Channel's airwaves to broadcast the Mormon message to the masses 24 hours a day. Wouldn't that be educational? Now I'm sure that most of you don't have a Clear Channel station in your area, but I live in the Cincinnati, OH area, and the dominant station by far is Clear Channel affiliate WLW, a putrid 50,000 watt right-wing behemoth. I can just see their "personalities" reading from the Mormon scripture all day long, interspersed with public service announcements from the Chamber of Commerce and the Republican National Committee. That potential scenario would be worse (by a little) than what we have here now, and if repeated nationally, would be a disaster for anyone with a brain.

Yes, this is off-the-wall, but remember--in America anything is possible.

Almost totally off-subject, "someone" recently sent a holiday card, purporting to be from the Romney family and falsely claiming to have been paid for by the Boston Mass. Temple, to registered Republicans in South Carolina. The card contains passages from The Book of Mormon designed to give voters the "willies" before the primary. The Republicans have no, absolutely no, ethics and will stoop to any underhanded method they can dream of to smear an opponent. Whether the facts about Romney are accurate or not should not even be a consideration when judging the morality of these tactics. They are never justified. And they're just getting started. You can always spot the people who pull this crap--they're the ones who leave a slime trail.

In closing, I will defend Romney by saying that he is really no worse than any of the other GOP contenders--Every one of them is determined to turn the U.S. into either a fascist state or a theocracy or a combination of the two.

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