Friday, December 28, 2007

Thompson blames Hispanics for mortgage disaster

It's not the fault of our honest, selfless, hard-working mortgage specialists, or the banks, brokers, hedge funds or their friends in the regulatory agencies that are responsible for the crisis in which well over 1 million people will lose their homes-- it's those Spanish-spiccin' dirty illegal brown-skinned under-educated "people"who couldn't understand that they were being talked into buying a house they couldn't pay for.

At least, that's what Fred "Joe Bob" Thompson said in "softer" language at an Iowa campaign stop.

You might be tempted to say that Thompson's dismally stupid remarks are nothing more that a desperate appeal from a failing campaign, but it's more than that, and much more troubling.

What Thompson said is typical of the race-baiting engaged in by almost all of the Republican presidential contenders, and by most of the other Republicans running for national office. They are appealing to the basest prejudices of the basest segment of their base-- the folks in this country who "love and live to hate". The Republicans spread racist divisiveness like a dirty needle spreads AIDS, injecting their message at every opportunity into addicts who can't wait for their next "high". It's a great way to build loyalty. And votes. And to keep our citizens from uniting against the Republican's true agenda of turning America into a country with 299 million slaves and 1 million masters.

The Republicans know they can't survive honest debate on real issues, and so the message keeps going out 24/7/365. It's incessant, unrelenting, sometimes almost subliminal but always there, like Muzak, playing a "One-note Sambo". If we are to reclaim this country for our citizens, we must silence the hate-mongers by ripping those speakers out of the walls.

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