Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Progressives apparently not worth hearing

Dennis Kucinich has been informed that he will NOT be allowed to participate in the last Democratic debate before the Iowa caucuses, because among other reasons, he has not rented a campaign office in the state. The Des Moines Register said he did not meet THEIR criteria. Just wondering, who the hell are they to decide the election by silencing the only progressive voice in the race?

Meanwhile, Hillary is certainly invited, what with her war chest of big corporate donations, and all. She's undoubtedly the candidate that the "establishment" wants to succeed, so they may as well bend the rules in her favor. Why is that, you say? Well, here's a link to my blog post from March, 2007, and another, "Hillary Clinton on International Law" by Stepen Zunes, writing for Foreign Policy in Focus.

You know, our democratic processes are so perverted by the influence of MONEY that our elections are becoming a sham, on a par with the old Soviet Union.

If you call yourself a "liberal" or a "progressive", if you cherish our Constitution, if you value "honesty", DO NOT let the MONEY win!!! Cast your vote for the one person that can save our asses. Polls don't mean a thing, but votes do.

And what does this say about the other Democratic candidates? If they had any integrity and respect for either our system or the voters, they would demand that Kucinich be included in the debate so that the voters of America could be assured of hearing the views of each and every person in the field, and be able to make the best choice for our next president. If they had any integrity, they would be enraged that voices are being silenced, and boycott the event in solidarity.But no, the election isn't about the voters--it's all about the candidates. If the other candidates truly feel that their policy positions are superior to those of Dennis Kucinich, you'd think they would insist on his inclusion if for no other reason than to make themselves look better by contrast.Oh! Wait a minute--now I get it! They look like crap in comparison and don't want him around to spoil their chances. Silly me.

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