Friday, December 28, 2007


Read this from The Raw Story, and watch the video.

What we have here is a group of guys who have decided that Christianity is "too soft". So many broads filling the pews that a manly man can't even fart in church, so they're taking their message on the road to show Christian men that Jesus had Him a tough side that churches don't want them to know about.

A real man's Jesus is the one that beat the crap out of the money changers. He don't take nothin' from nobody. He makes enemies so He can pray for them while He beats them to a bloody pulp. That Jesus belongs to the NRA and rules his house with His wife as a junior partner, and she better not forget it. That Jesus can cure his homosexuality, and screw any man who doesn't believe it. And so on.

These "GodMen" proudly proclaim they are not a church, but they sure seem like one-- if you watched the video, you'll have noticed that they raked in $68 apiece from 300 good Christian men. Let's see, that comes to a little over $20,000 in the collection plate.

I'm guessing they are going to use all of the proceeds to expand their ministry, and that before long you will see "GodMen Groups" performing at rodeos, car races, gun shows, hunting lodges, building implosions, Rambo movies and other manly venues.

A short prayer: "Thank you Jesus, for giving me the smarts to turn Your message on its ass".

To the "GodMen": Please be considerate-- when you die, look down and shout "INCOMING!".

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fightingpreacher said...

I wonder how much that cost to put on? You know most places dont let you use their equipment and facilities for free