Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Demand a ban for Ann "the man"

Ann Coulter, the most famous in the troika of right-wing hate hags (the others being Michelle Malkin and "Dr" Laura Schlessinger), is given more airtime on tv than even a human being can get. She is a manure spreader, specializing in the dissemination of baseless, inflammatory, hate-filled slander, and why she is given mantle of respectability by supposedly reputable media outlets is beyond my understanding, Hell, I can't figure out why this bitch hasn't been kneecapped, at least sued for a billion dollars, over of her hate speech. I'm guessing it's all because she's a right-winger, and thus immune to prosecution or lawsuits.

Anyway, She has recently been on "Good Morning America" where she said that she wished John Edwards had been killed in a terrorist plot. She has a long record of such statements about Edwards, some worse than that one . On MSNBC yesterday, in an hour-long interview with Chris Matthews, she was called out by Elizabeth Edwards, who called in to the show and kicked Coulter right in the balls.

Was Coulter properly chastened? Nope. After a minute, she went right on with her slanders as if nothing had happened. She is one of millions of people in this country, predominately on the far right, who are not going to enjoy their afterlife.

Here's the link to a Think Progress article on the Coulter flap, and which also links to a video of Chris Matthews' interview:

At least Paris Hilton is relatively harmless compared to Coulter and her ilk.

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