Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cheney--The ultimate VP

VP, as it applies to Dick Cheney, means "Vicious Prick".

The Washington Post just published the last installment in a four part series on Cheney, a piece of investigative journalism all too rare for a major newspaper these days, that is an eye-opener for those people who were not already aware of Cheneys egregious abuses of power, his paranoid secrecy, and Stalin-like methods. Read the WaPo series carefully. This IS your government.

There is no law he won't break, no regulation he won't ignore, no agency he won't compromise, no secret document he won't leak, no report he won't have altered, no lie he won't tell, no Cabinet member he won't sidestep, and no bullying tactic he won't use to get what he wants for his neo-con and corporate friends.


It is entirely fair to say that Dick Cheney is NOT the Vice President of the United States. That position is un-filled, and the Executive budget intended to fund the office of VP has been mis-appropriated. Those funds are instead being used to run a FOURTH branch of the Government, the six year old SUBVERSIVE branch, which Cheney heads.


Events may catch up with this evil dirty man. Maybe he'll be impeached. Maybe the Congressional Republicans, who moved in lockstep to carry out his policies, will throw him under the bus to save their own careers. Or maybe he'll just die when his doctors can no longer keep his heart pumping that black sludge through his body. When he does pass away, his pallbearers will need HAZMAT suits and his burial place will have to be declared a toxic waste dump.

I won't miss him.

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