Friday, June 29, 2007


Dear readers,

Write or phone the Democratic leadership of the House and Senate today and let them know how dissatisfied you are with their ill-conceived attempt to claim Mammoth Cave as the name future historians will use to describe the Democratic efforts in the 110th Congress.

Here is a sample letter you can personalize for greater impact:

Mammoth Cave is a jewel of our National Park system, beloved as a symbol of America's natural beauty, and is cherished by millions. Democrats control both the House and Senate.You MUST change course so that chroniclers of these times don't sully the greatness of a true national treasure by name association. Force them to use another name! Do not let it apply to you!

When the Republicans attempt to obstruct needed legislation-DON"T CAVE!
When they threaten to tie up the senate with filibusters, let 'em-DON'T CAVE!
When the Executive branch ignores subpoenas-DON'T CAVE!
When you need to stand up for America-DON'T CAVE!

In other words, if you just do what we elected to do, the name MAMMOTH CAVE will remain untarnished.

Thank you.

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