Monday, June 18, 2007

FBI-defending our freedom from privacy

The Federal Bureau of Total Intrusion is requesting $12 million in fiscal year 2008 to establish a data mining operation to "fight terrorism", which they estimate will have 6 BILLION records by fiscal year 2012. This amount of data is enough for 20 records for every person in the U.S., and it's fairly safe to assume, given the FBI's predilection for exceeding their mandate, that every person in the U.S. WILL be included. So much for privacy rights. This information gathering system is just another in a long string of similar programs whose aim is to know virtually everything about you, whether or not you're guilty of any wrongdoing. Building dossiers on the citizenry is one of the hallmarks of a totalitarian state, and is done so that the government can gain total control over you. Such dossiers include personal information , gossip about you, unfounded allegations and rumor. An easy way to illustrate the dangers of this government effort is simply to think of the former East Germany and their secret police, the Stasi. That's exactly where we're heading in this country. We will live our lives under the constant threat of imprisonment for any reason, if we aren't "good citizens" and do the bidding of our government masters without complaint.

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I would suggest that you read our Constitution while it is still legal to do so, and decide if you're really OK with the fact that it's being dismantled before your very eyes.The Constitution?--You know-that's that old document that George Bush called "just a goddamned piece of paper".

Oh, and just to give you an idea of how efficiently our Federal BIG EYE uses the data it collects, here is an article about the infamous Terrorist Watch List used by airport screeners, who as you know, have already stopped billions of terrorists from boarding planes .

Remember that plaque inside the Statue of Liberty that has the line about "huddled masses yearning to breathe free"? IT WASN'T SUPPOSED TO APPLY TO US!!

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