Tuesday, June 26, 2007

DC Lobbyists- Too bad this shit's legal

Ken Silverstein, an editor for Harpers magazine, approached two of Washingtons largest lobbying firms a few months ago, and presented himself as representing someone with business interests in Turkmenistan, which is governed by one of the worlds most repressive dictatorships. He asked for the help of these firms to gain access to people within our government and to mount a public relations campaign to improve the image of the Turkmenistan regime.

The firms were only too happy to help, as you can see by watching Silverstein's 25 minute interview with Bill Moyers, here:

Silverstein also wrote of his excellent adventure in Harpers, which is mentioned in this link to AlterNet:

If you want to read the Harpers piece, you have to suscribe, so just watch and pay close attention to the free Bill Moyers Journal video.

The lobbying firms, infesting DC like so many plague-carrying fleas on a rat, own access to nearly all of our elected and appointed government personnel, and unashamedly wield their influence and "good ol' boy" connections to help the worst dictatorships on the planet.

The Silverstein investigative work involved lobbyists who work on behalf of foreign governments. Can you imagine that those firms peddling favors and campaign contributions for domestic corporations and special interests are any less competent at their jobs, or have fewer connections, or have any more integrity? (think Jack Abramoff here)

Lobbyists are nothing but pimps, touting their client whores throughout the halls of power, getting what they want with impugnity ( and for a LOT of money), but it's always us that gets the clap. The day that I become emperor, lobbying will become a capital offense. This is one issue of social significance where I heartily endorse "abstinence only".

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