Monday, June 18, 2007

RNC-- Real Nasty Criminals

You just thought RNC stood for the Republican National Committee, but you thought WRONG. For months, the House and Senate committees investigating the politicization of the Department of Justice have been after e-mails sent to and from White House employees using RNC servers instead of the authorized government e-mail accounts. The Bushies claimed that they were inadvertantly lost. Now they have them, but have refused to turn them over to the committees.

Meanwhile, the Office of Special Counsel, in an entirely separate investigation into violations of the Hatch Act, which prohibits political activity on government propery or time, has ordered 18 Federal agencies to retain all documents, phone records, hard drives, and e-mails back to 2001. Both investigations lead straight to Karl Rove.

Now, House investigators have confirmed that the RNC has destroyed many thousands of these e-mails.

First, the government denied that any servers other than authorized by law to conduct government business were ever used, then said that sometimes they used RNC accounts by mistake, then said that only about 20 people had access to those accounts, then revised that to 55 people.Now we know that 88 people had access. Now we know that the RNC has destroyed the e-mail records of at least 51 government employees from RNC servers, and God only knows how many more.

The use of RNC e-mail servers is a clear violation of the Presidential Records Act, which is meant to ensure that government records are open and transparent, and can be recovered at need for investigations such as the ones now going on.

Given the blatant disregard for nuisances such as laws that the Bush Administration has demonstrated, and the stated aim of the RNC that they were working to ensure a "George Bush empire", can you have any doubt that the Bush team and the RNC have colluded in destroying damning evidence?

The RNC and the Bush administration are partners in what is, by any definition, an ongoing criminal enterprise, and should be prosecuted en masse under the RICO statutes, and then tried for sedition. Or am I being too soft?

6/19/07--just found this one.
This is good! Keith Olbermann's Countdown segment from 6/18/07 regarding this .

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