Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Griles,J Steven--prisoner # 69572

This man used to be the 2nd in command at the Department of the Interior, but like so many other officials in the crime-based Bush Administration, is going to jail for being a crook. Griles pled guilty to accepting payoffs from Jack Abramoff and lying to Senate about his relationship with the former lobbyist. Too damn bad, J Steven.
There are a series of links in this Think Progress article that you really should follow to get a better understanding of how all these bastards are connected. This one connects peripherally all the way to Disney Corp. Mickey must be ashamed to be associated with people who treat laws and fair dealing with such callous disregard, but it shows you that even such a venerable icon as he can be tarnished by association.

Lobbyists, and Abramoff is just an example, represent the shadow government that really controls our nation, peddling influence, money, favors, and jobs to the venal crew who seem to be in power to make sure that the rich get richer at our expense.

There are now 25 registered lobbyists for every member of Congress. With so few, it's a wonder they have time to corrupt anybody in the Executive branch, but they do!

Griles' conviction is a good thing, but there are hundreds , if not thousands, more who have yet to be brought to justice in this most crooked administration in our history.

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