Monday, June 18, 2007

GAY BOMB?-Sheer genius at work

In 1994, the Department of Defense requested $7.5 million to develop a "gay bomb", a chemical weapon loaded with aphrodisiacs, designed to be dispersed over enemy troops and cause uncontrollable homosexual behavior among those who came in contact with it. The idea was that an army thus attacked would be unable to function as a cohesive fighting force, and would be easy pickings for our own soldiers.

The Pentagon has said that the idea was rejected immediately, but in fact it was still being considered as recently as 2002. The "gay bomb" project had one good result--The Pentagon's own research proved that sexual orientation is determined biologically and is not a lifestyle choice.

I truly don't know what was running through the minds of the people who thought this one up, but I imagine that they envisioned a kind of "Brokeback Army"scenario, where insatiable homosexual lust would lead to an enemy army attacking our defensive positions stuck together, pee-pee to butt cheek in a sinuous conga line and singing "YMCA" as a battle cry. The next step in this misguided atrocity would have been the development of a "homophobe bomb" for use on our troops, so that they didn't die of laughter at what they saw.

Our military strategists and planners leave no stern untoned in their never-ending quest to refine the art of warfare, do they?

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